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Horizontal type Fiber Optic Enclosure
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Horizontal type Fiber Optic Enclosure

Delivery Date: 15-working days Brand Name: T&J
Application: Buried,overhead,duct and manhole wall use Dimention: 340x150x70mm
Weight (excluding outside box): 1500g - 2000g Cable ports: 4
Cable entry ports: 2 inlet & 2 outlet Max. capacity: 48 bunchy fiber
Diameter of fiber cable: Φ8 - Φ16 (mm) Ambient temperature: -40℃ to +65℃
Compliant: RoHS Origin: China

Horizontal type Fiber Optic Closure

1. Scope of application

This Installation Manual is suit for the Fiber Optic Splice Closure (Hereafter abbreviated as FOSC), as the guidance of proper installation.


The scope of application is: aerial, underground, wall-mounting, duct-mounting, handhole-mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from -40℃ to +65℃.


2. Basic structure and configuration

2.1 Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension (LxWxH) 340×150×70 (mm)
Weight (excluding outside box) 1500g-2000g
Number of inlet/outlet ports 2 (pieces) on each side (total 4 pieces)
Diameter of fiber cable Φ8—Φ16 (mm)
Capacity of FOSC

Bunchy: 12—48(Cores)

Ribbon: max. 72(Cores)


2.2 Main components


Name of components

Quantity Usage Remarks
1 Housing 1 set Protecting fiber cable splices in whole

Internal diameter:

270×100×60 (mm)


Fiber optic splice tray


max. 2 pcs (bunchy)

max.2 pcs  (ribbon)

Fixing heat shrinkable protective sleeve and holding fibers

Suitable for:

Bunchy:12,24(cores) Ribbon:3 (pieces)

3 Foundation 1 set Fixing reinforced core of fiber- cable and FOST
4 Seal fitting 1 set Sealing between FOSC cover and FOSC bottom
5 Port plug 4 pieces Sealing empty ports


testing valve

1 set After injecting air, it is used for pressure testing and sealing testing Configuration as per requirement
7 Earthing deriving device 1 set Deriving metallic components of fiber cable in FOSC for earthing connection Configuration as per requirement


2.3 Main accessories and special tools

No. Name of accessories Quantity Usage Remarks

Heat shrinkable protective sleeve

Protecting fiber splices

Configuration as per capacity

2 Nylon tie

Fixing fiber with protective coat

Configuration as per capacity

3 Insulation tape 1 roll

Enlarging diameter of fiber  cable for easy fixing

4 Seal tape 1 roll

Enlarging diameter of fiber  cable which fits in with seal fitting

Configuration as per specification

5 Hanging hook 1 set

For aerial use

6 Earthing wire 1 piece

Putting through between earthing devices

7 Abrasive cloth 1 piece Scratching fiber cable
8 Labeling paper 1 piece Labeling fiber
9 Special wrench 3 pieces Fixing bolts, tightening nut of reinforced core

Buffer tube


to be decided by customers Hitched to fibers and fixed with FOST, managing buffer Configuration as per requirement
11 Desiccant 1 bag Put into FOSC before sealing for desiccating air.

Horizontal type Optical Fiber Splice Enclosure OFC-H011

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