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  • ISO9001:2015 Certified
    ISO9001:2015 Certified
    Congratulations to Fibertel for passing the ISO9001 certification.
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  • Warm And Important Reminder
    Warm And Important Reminder
    We take our responsibility to protect your financial security very seriously. We value your business and look forward to continuing our partnership with you in the long-long term.
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  • Fibertel Warning Tapes
    Fibertel Warning Tapes
    Warning tapes are widely used in construction sites, hazardous areas, traffic accident scenes, electrical maintenance, road administration, environmental engineering, and other settings. They effectively delineate accident scenes or mark off special areas to remind people of potential hazards. The convenience of using warning tapes and their non-polluting nature make them an essential safety tool in various environments.
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  • Happy Chinese New Year 2024
    Happy Chinese New Year 2024
    The year of the Dragon usually refers to the year corresponding to the dragon in the twelve zodiac signs. In Chinese culture, each zodiac sign has its own specific year, known as its "Zodiac Year".
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  • What is Non-uniform / Unbalanced PLC Splitters?
    What is Non-uniform / Unbalanced PLC Splitters?
    Fibertel non-uniform/unbalance PLC splitter's significance lies in its adaptability to distribute optical power according to the needs of different transmission distances, devices, or sensors, ultimately optimizing the performance and efficiency of optical communication systems and sensors.
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  • Part 6 - Fibertel's Advanced Simple To Connect Connection Boxes And Fiber Cables
    Part 6 - Fibertel's Advanced Simple To Connect Connection Boxes And Fiber Cables
    The connection of Fiber Optic Cables however is not however always such a difficult process, and in order to assist engineers in their tasks Fibertel is able to provide a range of Fiber products which do not require fusion splicing or individual testing, such as Patchcords and Pigtails and DropFiber
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  • Part 5 - Disadvantages of Optical Fibers Over Copper Cable
    Part 5 - Disadvantages of Optical Fibers Over Copper Cable
    Fiberglass is more fragile than copper, therefore the tensile strength of the fiber is lower than copper cable. Copper cable's high tensile strength is helpful in preventing cable stretching and breaking and therefore preventing system failures.
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