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CT-30 Fujikura Optical Fiber Cleaver
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CT-30 Fujikura Optical Fiber Cleaver

Delivery Date:5 daysBrand Name:Fujikura
Model:CT-30Applicable Fiber:Conventional silica optical fiber
Fiber Count:Single and up to 12 fiber ribbonCoating Diameter:φ0.25mm & φ0.9mm
Fiber Diameter:125μmDimension:69 mm x 82 mm x 41 mm (2.7" x 3.2" x 1.6")
Weight:180gCleaving Angle:typically <0.5
Blade Lifetime:48,000 fiber cleaves (4,000 12-fiber cleaves)Origin:Japan

The CT-30 Cleaver sets the standard for portability, reliability and ease of use. Available for either single fiber or ribbon splicing (up to 12 fiber ribbons) applications, the CT-30 Cleavers are compatible with all AFL fusion splicers. The improved version offers a larger base for a more stable platform, improved visibility when placing the fiber, and three scrap collection options. Designed for excellent portability, the CT-30 is equally at home in a splicing van or in a bucket truck and is ideal for FTTx applications. The 16-position blade yields 48,000 single-fiber cleaves, or 4,000 12-fiber ribbon cleaves before requiring replacement, and the built-in scrap collector conveniently stores fiber shards until they can be safely discarded.

The CT-30 Cleaver is packaged with three scrap collection options that allow the user to tailor it to their cleaving preferences. The CT30 is delivered with the SC-01 Side Cover installed for users that prefer not to use an automated scrap collection system. For those that prefer an automated scrap collection system, the FC-02 Fiber Collector and two scrap box options are included. The FDB-02 Scrap Box is a smaller bin for users seeking a compact profile. The FDB-03 Scrap Box is a larger bin with sweeping brush and static resistant surfaces for those users seeking to maximize scrap capacity. All scrap options are easily configured by the user.


Applicable   FiberConventional silica   optical fiber
Fiber CountSingle and up to 12   fiber ribbon
Coating   Diameter250 μm to 900 μm
Cladding   Diameter125 μm
Cleave Angle   Capabilitytypically<0.5˚
Blade   lifetime48,000 fiber cleaves   (4,000 12-fiber cleaves)
Dimensions (W   x D x H)69 mm x 82 mm x 41 mm   (2.7" x 3.2" x 1.6")
Weight180 g (0.4 lbs)

Ordering Information

Brand: Fujikura

Origin: Japan


Fiber   Ribbons

 (up to 12 fibers)
Fiber   Holders for the following:FH-XXX, FH-50-XXX or FH-60-XXX versions10mmS014076   
CT-30ASingle   Fibers:
250-900 µm coating,
125 µm cladding
AD-30A   Adapter Plate900 µm:  10-20 mm
250 µm:  6-20 mm

Included with Cleaver:

• AD-30A Adapter Plate (For CT-30A only)

• FC-02 Fiber Collector

• FDB-02 Scrap Box (small)

• FDB-03 Scrap Box (large)

• SC-01 Side Cover (installed)

• CC-21 Carrying Case

• Hex Wrench (1.5 mm)

• Instruction Manual

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