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Telecom Female Header with PBT
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Telecom Female Header with PBT

Delivery Date:20 daysBrand Name:T&J
Name:Female HeaderPart No.:TLM1039
Color:CreamMaterial:PBT or ABS plastic
Contact Pin:Phosphor bronze with silver-platedModules:Grey base with white body

Telecom Female Header with PBT

Part No.: TLM1039


1.    With PCB and screw block.

2.    Internal diameter of wire: 0.4-0.65mm

3.    Color: grey base, white body.

4.    Plastic Parts: PBT-V0 UL94 or ABS.

5.    Contacts Pin: Phosphor bronze with silver-plated

It consists of a plastic housing and a reed terminal for the cable to be connected to a module. And the use of security units can be achieved on the switch and other communication equipment over-current over-voltage protection.

1, The clamping module is compatible with the Krone LSA-PLUS module.

2. The design of the contact point is based on the principle of air tightness so as to obtain reliable connection between the reed and the cable.

3, The use of environmental conditions: temperature 5 ~ 40 ℃; relative humidity<85% (+30 ℃); atmospheric pressure 70 ~ 106KPa

4, Pulling force: tin bronze, silver (20 ~ 40uinch) for the wire diameter of 0.4 ~ 0.6mm, after the end of the pull force is not less than 25N.

5, Flame retardant: plastic parts using PBT or flame retardant ABS, the combustion performance should be up to GB / T 5169.7-1985 standard.

6, Insulation resistance: in the standard atmospheric pressure, any not connected between the two terminals, the insulation resistance of not less than 1000MΩ.

7, the resistance between the reed terminals: at the standard atmospheric pressure, any unconnected two terminals, resistance is not more than 7mΩ.

8, Life: clamping life of not less than 200 times.

9, Ttype and specification: 10 pairs, broken type.

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