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Part 5 - Disadvantages of Optical Fibers Over Copper Cable
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Part 5 - Disadvantages of Optical Fibers Over Copper Cable

Views: 3     Author: Fibertel     Publish Time: 2023-12-26      Origin: Fibertel

The main disadvantages of Fiber Optic compared to Copper Cables are basically:

Low Tensile Strength

Fiberglass is more fragile than copper, therefore the tensile strength of the fiber is lower than copper cable. Copper cable's high tensile strength is helpful in preventing cable stretching and breaking and therefore preventing system failures.

Complex Fusion Process

The connection of Fiber Optic Cables is a more skilled and often delicate process.

Fiber cores must be accurately connected. Since the fiber core is very thin, and the melting point of quartz is high, the engineer requires in depth training, and must be equipped with professional fusion devices and test equipment.

And we are able to provide a superb range of Fusion Splicers, Test equipment and Site necessories items, such as:

High quality and Cost-effective Fusion Splicer


8-degree Fiber Cleaver

8 degree fiber cleaver

Super-performance OTDR -Optical Time Domain Reflectometry

TJ04A3101 OTDR

Full wavelength Optical Power Meter

TJ04A1302 power meter

Handheld Adjustable Optical Light Source

TJ04A1202 light source

Fibertel Optical Fiber Identifier

TJ04A1601D fiber identifier

Fibertel Field Fiber Microscope

TJ04A1705 - 200X 400X Microscope

Fibertel Fiber Visual Fault Locator - VFL

TJ04A1104 VFL

Different dimensions and colors of Splicing Sleeves

fiber protection sleeves

Fibertel Fiber Cleaning Wipes

TJ01D30CW Fiber Cleaning Wipes


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