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0.9mm Tight Buffered Fiber Cable

1 core FTTH drop cable

1 core FTTH Indoor Cable with 0.4mm Steel Wire strength member

1 core FTTH Indoor Cable with 0.5mm FRP Strength member

1 fiber FTTx Fiber Cable with Steel Wire strength member

1 fiber Low Friction FTTX Indoor Cable

1 pair disconnection plug

1 pair drop wire module with 230v Gas discharge tubes

1 pair drop wire module with over voltage & over current protection

1 pair drop wire module without protection(STB)

1 pair STB box

1 port Classic 86 Type Faceplate

1 port empty desk box for faceplate

1 port Faceplate for Fiber Optic Adaptor 86*86mm

1 port plastic wall outlets

1 port plastic wall plate

1-4 ports UK type Flat Faceplate

1-port Australia type Face Plate

1-port Empty Desk Box

1-port UK type Bevelled Faceplate

1-port UK type Face Plate

1-port UK type Face Plate 86*86mm

1-port UK type Flat Faceplate

1/2 Blank plate for UK type Faceplate

1/2" jumper cable to antenna Gel seal closure TJ03D0012

1/2'' jumper cable to 7/8'' jumper cable Gel Seal Closure TJ03D1278

1/4 Blank plate for UK type Faceplate

10 pair Connection Module grey color

10 pair Connection Module with lable grey color

10 pair disconnection locker

10 pair disconnection module

10 pair Disconnection Module Blue color

10 pair Disconnection Module green color

10 pair Disconnection Module with lable cream color

10 pair disconnection module with PCB

10 pair distribution box with module

10 pair ERICSSON compatible module

10 pair FT module

10 pair Krone Connection Module

10 pair Krone Module with White Body

10 Pair LSA-IDC Discnnection Module

10 pair network module with earth wire

10 Pair Networking Module with PBT

10 pair Profile Disconnection Module grey color

10 pair Profile High band disconnection Module white color

10 pair STG Disconnection module

10 pair Subrack with Holder

10 pair Switching Module red color

10/100 Mbps Single Fiber Media Converter

10/100/1000 Mbps Dual Fiber Media Converter

10/100/1000 Mbps Single Fiber Media Converter

10/100/1000mbps fast ethernet converter

10/100/1000Mbps Fiber Switch

100 pair indoor distribution box

100 pair Indoor distribution box made in China

100 pair lockable MDF distribution box

100 pair tuberack with holder

100 pair UK type connection box

1000Mbps POE Switch

110 Block Punch Down Tool

110 Cross Connect plastic

110 IDC Connector Plastic

110 IDC Plug 10 pair

110 network insertion tool

110 patch plug plastic

110 wiring block made in China

115.5x74mm Plastic Outlet Plate

1152F fiber connection cabinet

12 Core MTP MPO Fiber Loopback

12 Fiber MPO Module Cassettes

12 Fiber SM Multi Color Fiber Pigtails

12-Fiber Wall Mounted Outdoor ODF

1200 pair distribution cabinet with lock

1200 pair MDF distribution cabinet TLD1200

120x86mm plastic wall outlets

120x86mm plastic wall plate

12cores Ribbon Fan-out Fiber Optic Pigtail

12cores ST Multi Mode Break-out Fiber Optic Pigtail

12F MM Indoor Cable Orange

1400 pair MDF Distribution Frame

140x86mm plastic outlet box

140x86mm plastic wall plate

140x86mm plastic wall plate socket

140x86mm Single Wall Plate

16 cores Termial Box

16-40U Grey Data Cabinet

18 FC Ferrules Fiber Polishing Fixture

18-47U Network Racks Cabinet

180 degree communication keystone jack

180 Degree Keystone Jack

Fibertel's products are extensively used in Telecom, FTTx, Networks, Security Surveillance, Intelligent
Systems, Broadcast, Process Control, and Digital Video applications.


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