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Flat Optical Fiber Ribbon Cable GJDFJV
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Flat Optical Fiber Ribbon Cable GJDFJV

Delivery Date: 7 working days Brand Name: T&J
Model 1: GJFJBV for PVC jacket Model 2: GJFJBZY for LSZH jacket
Fiber type: SM / MM Fiber Count: 4/6/8/12
Dynamic Min.Bending Radius(mm): 20H Short Term Tensile Strength (N): 440
Long Term Crush (N/100mm): 200 Short Term Crush (N/100mm): 1000
Jacket material: PVC or LSZH Origin: China

GJDFJV / GJDFJH Optical-fiber ribbon optical cable uniformly covers high-modulus aramid around the optical-fiber ribbon, and lap it with an overall LSZH or square PVC jacket by special techniques. Available with 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 ribbon fibers, with Non-metallic strength member.


Ideal for intra-building interconnect applications including floors, terminal boxes and work stations.
Used in indoor cabling without Non-metallic strength member.

Technical Parameters (Typical Values):

Fiber Count O.D. (mm) Tensile Strength (N) Tensile Strength (N) Crush (N/100mm) Crush (N/100mm) Min.Bending Radius(mm) Min.Bending Radius(mm) Cable Weight

Short Term Long Term Short Term Long Term Dynamic Static (kg/km)
4 2.5*3.5 440 130 1000 200 20H 10H 8.7
6 2.5*4.0 440 130 1000 200 20H 10H 9.9
8 2.5*4.5 440 130 1000 200 20H 10H 10.8
12 2.5*5.0 440 130 1000 200 20H 10H 11.9

Ordering Information:
GJDFJV-4B1 / GJDFJV-6B1 / GJDFJV-8B1 /GJDFJV-12B1 with PVC jacket
GJDFJV-4A1 / GJDFJV-6A1 / GJDFJV-8A1 / GJDFJV-12A1  with PVC jacket
GJDFJH-4B1 / GJDFJH-6B1 / GJDFJH-8B1 / GJDFJH-12B1 with LSZH jacket
GJDFJH-4A1 / GJDFJH-6A1 / GJDFJH-8A1 / GJDFJH-12A1 with LSZH jacket

Cable Printing:
Model No. + Flat fiber optic ribbon cable + fiber count + fiber type + length mark
Or on request.

2Km / drum, or on request. 

OEM brand or LOGO printed on the drum is acceptable. 

Picture of Indoor Fiber Optic Ribbon Cable

GJDFJV / GJDFJH Flat Optical fiber ribbon Indoor Cable

GJDFJH Indoor Optical Fiber Ribbon Cable

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